Top Tips for Buying a Villa in Kyrenia (Girne)

Kyrenia is one of the liveliest cities in Cyprus. It welcomes many tourists from different countries at all times of the year. With its narrow Mediterranean streets and its ancient harbour, Kyrenia will continue to be the heart of tourism in Cyprus for many years to come. This article offers suggestions and guidance for those who want to buy a villa for sale in Kyrenia.

Villa Options for Sale in Kyrenia Cyprus

Kyrenia gives its visitors and residents the opportunity to cross paths with people from every country and every culture. As is the case for the rest of Northern Cyprus, the tourist season in Kyrenia takes up a big portion of the year. With its beautiful landscapes, golden sandy beaches and warm and friendly atmosphere, Kyrenia is not only a great holiday destination, but also a great place to settle in for many people from different walks of life. 

The demand for Kyrenia Villas for Sale is Rapidly Increasing

In recent years, Kyrenia has been receiving increased levels of interest both from local and foreign real estate investors.

Kyrenia has the highest standards of living compared to the rest of Cyprus. For this reason, the options for villas for sale in Kyrenia or luxury villas for sale in Kyrenia garner a lot of attention from investors. Especially with the changing preferences for vacationing, more people started to rent private villas for their holiday over the recent years. We recommend you to read this article for understanding the changing preferences for holidays more in depth: The New Normal for Holidays: Renting Villas in Quiet Cities.

Top Tips for Buying a Villa in Girne

Because of the increase in demand for rental villas in Cyprus by long term holidayers, investors are now choosing to invest in real estate to gain rental income.

Before moving on to the list of top tips for buying a villa for sale in Kyrenia, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Kyrenia.

Pros and Cons of Kyrenia

Since Kyrenia always has something that can appeal to many different individuals from all walks of life, it is safe to say that there is almost no one who would not like this city. With its picturesque landscapes, clean air, diverse work opportunities, and blooming nightlife, Kyrenia is the place many people dream of.

Pros and Cons of Kyrenia

Although there are flats and private home options in Kyrenia, the most demanded real estate types are villas for sale in Kyrenia or luxury villas for sale in Kyrenia. If you want to know more about the types of houses on the market in Kyrenia, you can check out this article: Types of Houses for Sale in Cyprus

Before moving on to our list of suggestions for those who want to buy a villa for sale in Kyrenia, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Kyrenia.

Pros of Kyrenia

  • Low crime rates and safe streets
  • High standards of living
  • The city is lively and fun at all times of the day
  • Low unemployment rates
  • Long summers
  • Beautiful landscapes and high air quality
  • Home to well-established educational institutions

Cons of Kyrenia

  • Higher prices of houses for sale compared to the rest of North Cyprus. But its not all bad, if you are an investor planing to rent out property you will earn high rental income!
  • Long summer periods mean a lot of heat for a large portion of the year. But good thing there’s air conditioning 🙂

Villa Options for Sale in Kyrenia

Over the recent years, many new real estate projects have been completed in Kyrenia in order to meet the increasing levels of demand for real estate. Recently, the demand for Kyrenia villas for sale has increased considerably. In this way, villas have become one of the most preferred real estate projects in Kyrenia. If you are also a part of this growing demand for purchasing a villa in Kyrenia, make sure to read our list of top tips down below.

Buying a Villa in Kyrenia

Listings for villas for sale in Kyrenia are advertised under two main groups: Kyrenia villas for sale and Kyrenia luxury villas for sale.

What is the difference between a standard villa and luxury villa?

While standard villas are classified as structures with an indoor living area smaller than 200 square meters without their own pool, luxury villas are houses with a private pool and a garden with an indoor living space larger than 200 square meters.

When evaluating the advertisements for Kyrenia villas for sale, you should choose the villa option that best suits your needs and budget. Villa sales in Kyrenia have increased significantly over the recent years, for long holidays in Cyprus, for full-time residence, or to generate rental income.

Kyrenia Luxury Villa Options

There are luxury villa options that can meet all of the expectations of investors in Kyrenia, Recently, the Esentepe region has been gaining increased levels of interest its luxury villa projects for sale.

Before reading our list of top tips for buying a villa in Kyrenia, it is useful to know that Kyrenia’s real estate investments are growing day by day. Luxury villas for sale in Kyrenia can be within a complex or completely private independent of everyone else. Luxury villas in Kyrenia can give you the privilege to spend your holiday in peace, in your private pool or on the perfect beaches of Kyrenia.

You can visit this page for the prices of villas for sale in Cyprus: What are the Cyprus Villa Prices and What are the Advantages of Owning a Villa in Cyprus

Some of the luxury villa options for sale in Kyrenia are currently being sold while they are still at the project stage. This is a good option to consider as the price for the villas is lower when they are sold at the project stage. Most investors buy luxury villas in Kyrenia to increase their profitability by earning rental income.

Kyrenia offers exceptional opportunities for investors because the demand for rental villas is high at all times of the year and the prices of luxury villas for sale in Kyrenia are affordable compared to many other Mediterranean countries.

So, what are our top tips for buying a villa in Kyrenia?

Top Tips for Buying a Villa in Kyrenia and Things to Watch out for

When you decide to buy a villa for sale in Kyrenia and browse through the listings for villas for sale in Kyrenia, you will come across many different options. First of all, in order to make the right decision among these advertisements, you need to clarify your needs and expectations from the villa and the budget you can allocate for this purchase. After clarifying your needs and budget, consider these points before finalising your purchase:

  • Make sure that the number of rooms in the villa you choose is suitable for you and your family.
  • Make sure that your villa is in a location that will allow you to access important amenities.
  • Consult a real estate agent or locals to get more information about the location of the villa and its surroundings
  • Never choose your villa only based on the pictures on the listing. Make sure to go to a in-person viewing of the property
  • If you are going to buy a villa thats still in project phase (off the plan), get in-depth information about the construction company that undertook the project. If possible visit their past and completed projects.
  • If you are buying a second-hand villa, make sure the status of the title deed is clear from restrictions such as mortgages.
  • Find out about the property taxes you have to pay when buying the villa.
  • Make sure that the infrastructure works perfectly such as the electricity, water, and the internet. Check the plumbing in the home or call a plumber for assistance.
  • Make sure the villa delivers on all the promises made by the owner or the construction company.
  • Inquire whether the villa you want to buy has documents such as a building permit, and a building occupancy permit.
  • Take into account that there will be extra costs for buying and selling transactions other than the price of the villa, and prepare your budget accordingly.
  • If you are buying an investment villa, focus on choosing from regions with high levels of rental demand and rental income.

These are the top tips we compiled for buying a villa in Kyrenia. If you want to benefit from our free real estate consultancy service before investing in a villa, you can contact us via the contact button at the bottom of the page. For more information about villas and houses for sale in North Cyprus, visit this page as well.

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