Benefits of Moving to Cyprus for Retirement

Everyone has dreams for their retirement, no matter where they are in the world. While some people dream of traveling the world, others want to settle in a quiet seaside town and continue their life there. This article focuses on why Northern Cyprus for retirement is a perfect choice that will fulfil your retirement dreams.

Everyone who has worked for years on end dreams of a quiet and comfortable retirement. Especially the majority of people living in crowded cities have the desire to spend their time in a quiet seaside town in their retirement. Providing suitable conditions for almost everyone’s dreams for retirement, Northern Cyprus is one of the rare countries that provide the best conditions for both vacation and living.

Living Conditions of North Cyprus for Retirement

TRNC stands out with its warm climate. Along with the beautiful weather the low costs of living in Cyprus makes it the most appropriate choice for retirees who want to settle and enjoy a quiet life.

In order for a city to be considered calm, it must first have low population. However, low crime rates and how safe life is in a city are among the most important considerations. Northern Cyprus for retirees provides a perfect atmosphere for you to live your years in retirement in peace with its low population and low crime rates.

Benefits of Moving to Cyprus for Retirement

The number of retirees who choose to settle in Cyprus is quite high especially among Northern European citizens. The development of Cyprus Health Services draws attention as an important factor in this.

Owning a House in North Cyprus and Easy Residence Permit

Your dreams of settling to a new place for retirement can be realised more concretely after you inspect North Cyprus house for sale listings. TRNC can make your dreams come true with beautiful houses for sale and real estate prices suitable for every budget. Northern Cyprus for retirees provides many conveniences for those who want to own a house.

Even the house prices in the heart of city centres, which allows you to be in a close proximity to large private and public hospitals, shopping centres and social areas, are quite affordable. If you want a villa close to the sea a little further outside the city, the prices do not differ much.

Northern Cyprus for retirees

Moreover, you can easily get a residence permit by deciding to buy a house in Northern Cyprus. If you want to get more detailed information before looking at Cyprus house for sale listings, check our real estate guide: Cyprus Property Guide: When Buying a House in North Cyprus

As a home owner in Cyprus, you can grow your own vegetables and fruits in your humble garden, fish for hours, reach the sea easily and spend your retirement life in a calm and pleasant way. Northern Cyprus for retirees is the perfect choice. Check out the Cittaslow regions of Northern Cyprus: Step into Calmness: Northern Cyprus Calm Cities

Reasons to Settle in Cyprus for Retirees

  • Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries so much so that locals live without locking their doors.
  • Northern Cyprus ranks 64th in the United Nations Happiness Index.
  • Cyprus house prices are very affordable. Pensioners can easily own a house in Northern Cyprus. Who does not want a villa close to the sea and with a garden?
  • With its high air quality and clean seas Northern Cyprus for retirees is a perfect choice
  • You can easily obtain a residence permit by purchasing a house in the TRNC. Long-term residence permit also allows you to obtain citizenship.
  • You can earn passive income by buying more than one real estate.
  • The people of Northern Cyprus are very hospitable and friendly. You can make friends easily.
  • Travelling to Northern Cyprus is quite easy so your relatives can easily visit you

Benefits of Northern Cyprus for retirees is not limited to these. If you are planning to settle in Cyprus and fulfil your retirement dreams, you can check the Cyprus house for sale listings.

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