Iskele, Long Beach, Cyprus

Advices on Buying a Detached House in Iskele

With its beautiful natural landscapes and dreamy beaches, Iskele is becoming the most popular city in Cyprus after Kyrenia, attracting many tourists who want to have a calm holiday by the beach. Along with increased interest from local and foreign tourists, Iskele started to also come to the limelight with its real estate projects. In this article, we will give some advices to those considering buying a detached house in Iskele.

With many new real estate projects, house for sale ads in Iskele is gaining increased attraction from real estate investors from Russia and Scandinavian countries.

Iskele, with its calm and beautiful environment, is almost an escape from the struggles and worries of everyday life. If you want to live in a place thats not riddled with traffic, disturbing noises and pollution, Iskele can you the life of your dreams.

Buying a house iskele long beach

Iskele also offers good profit opportunities for investors due to the high number of people looking for temporary rental homes in Cyprus when they are on holiday. If you want more information on rental properties in Iskele, visit this page: Prices of Rental Homes in Iskele

The only disadvantage of Iskele is dealing with high temperatures in the summer months. For those who can’t handle the heat very well, air-conditioned detached houses in Iskele can be a good solution.

If you are considering to buy a property in Iskele to use a summer home, we also advise you to browse through villas for sale in Iskele. If you want more information on villas for sale in Iskele check out this article: Advices on Buying a Villa for Sale in Iskele.

Iskele is a great location for you to become one with nature and feed your soul. With its picturesque natural landscapes, friendly people and clean beaches it is safe to say that you will never grow tired of Iskele. Considering these beautiful features of Iskele, the district gives many tourists to live out their dream holiday. If you want more information on things to do in Iskele visit: Iskele Guide

Detached House Listings in Iskele

Those browsing through detached house listings in Iskele, trying to make the decision to invest in Iskele are usually those who came to Iskele for holiday and decided to settle! Properties that can be used for living or renting out are gaining increased attention from foreign investors. Since the district of Iskele is an up and coming area that is still developing, it offers many opportunities to investors who choose to act early.

With the acceleration of real estate projects in Iskele, there is a home suitable for any buyer’s needs. Among the options for Iskele detached houses for sale are beachfront houses, houses with shared or private pools and gardens and many more property types that appeal to different buyers preferences.

Long Beach, Iskele, North Cyprus

Among the different types of properties in Iskele, traditional Cypriot village houses are a great choice for those who want a property that is truly in harmony with the essence of the district. If you are browsing through options for detached houses for sale in Iskele for investment purposes only, you can easily rent the house out throughout the year and earn rental income.

There are many options for detached houses for sale in Iskele varying according to their size and the facilities they offer. It would be wise to determine your exact needs and budget before browsing through houses for sale in Iskele.

Prices of Detached Houses for Sale in Iskele

As an up and coming district of Cyprus, Iskele is gaining increased attention due to the newly constructed real estate projects that appeal to many different buyers’ preferences. Hence, it is easy to find a detached house for sale in Iskele that appeals to everyone’s demands and budget. Whether you want a house with a view, or a private pool or a large garden Iskele has an option for you.

It is also possible to built your own dream house from scratch in Cyprus. If you want more information on construction costs of building a house in Cyprus visit this page: Building Your Own Home in Cyprus and the Costs of Construction

Iskele, Long Beach, Cyprus
Iskele, Long Beach, Cyprus

Prices of detached houses for sale in Iskele differ depending on their location, facilities and the size of the home.  Spacious and newly built houses that are larger that 130 square metres  are sold in a price range of £30.000 to £150.000. These houses are usually built as summer homes that are well-located.

If you want to get an idea on the prices of houses for sale in other Cypriot cities visit this article; Prices of Houses for Sale in Cyprus

Advices on Buying a Detached House in Iskele

If you want to buy a house in Cyprus, with the hopes of living a calm and quiet life options for houses for sale in Iskele are the perfect choice for you. Furthermore, Iskele houses for sale ads give you an array of property options that can help increase your profitability through real estate investments. So, here are some tips you should consider before buying a detached house in Iskele:

  • Clarify your needs that you expect the property to meet
  • There are different types of title deeds special to Cyprus. Do thorough research on the title deed of the property. For more information view: Types of Title Deeds in Cyprus
  • Check if the property has any legal restrictions on the title deed such as mortgage, tax debt or foreclosure
  • Make sure to go to an in-person viewing of the property you found from Iskele houses for sale ads
  • Make sure to thoroughly inspect the house and determine whether it needs renovations. If it does arrange your budget accordingly
  • If you are going to buy a house off the plan (property that hasn’t been constructed yet), make sure to do in-depth research on the construction company that is delivering the project. If possible, visit past completed properties of the company.
  • If you are new to buying property in Cyprus and don’t have information on title deed and the sales process, consult a local real estate agent.

Before buying a detached house in Iskele, you can benefit from our free real estate consultancy service. You can reach us via the contact button at the bottom of the page and you can buy the detached house of your dreams seamlessly.

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