Advices for Buying a House in Morphou

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is home to many natural wonders with its Mediterranean features. Over the recent years the development of the real estate sector in the island has gained great momentum. Properties built with new real estate projects are attracting many real estate investors both in terms of living and investment purposes. In this article, we will list recommendations for those who want to buy a house for sale in Morphou.

About the TRNC

Long Beach, Iskele, North Cyprus

Cyprus is an island with numerous educational institutions and hosts many students in all of its major cities. Students make up an important part of Cyprus’ population and also make a great contribution to the development of the real estate sector. In addition to the tourism sector, which is an important source of income in the TRNC, the agriculture, animal husbandry, and export industries are also highly developed in the country. The town of Morphou stands out as the center of agricultural production.

Pros and Cons of Morphou

Imagine having your afternoons on a patio while a warm wind caresses your face, the sounds of the waves from the sea fill the air with the smell of fresh organic oranges. What sounds like a dream to many is the daily of people living in Morphou. Morphou, the agricultural production center of the TRNC, is a city that stands out with its nature. For this reason, the advertisements of houses for sale in Morphou are experiencing more and more traffic day by day.

Prices of Villas for Sale in Morphou (Güzelyurt)

Morphou is one of the agriculturally fertile provinces of the TRNC that contributes a lot to Northern Cypriot economy both in terms of production and export. The real estate sector in Morphou, which is planned to welcome more students with its new Cypriot university projects, has been developing rapidly. Hence, now is definitely the right time to evaluate the options of houses for sale in Morphou. Since the real estate market is still continuing to develop, houses are still being sold below their actual value. By turning this situation into an advantage by buying a house in Morphou you can both increase your profitability and gain a safe haven where you can escape from the tiring city life and find peace.

There are also many festivals held in Morphou throughout the year. Due to these festivals, there is an increase in the number of visitors in the area. For more information, you can check this article: Festivals in North Cyprus

Demand for rental properties in Morphou is quite low compared to other TRNC cities. Hence, Morphou may not be the best choice for you if you’re investing in property for rental income.

Morphou House Options for Sale

Morphou, one of the ancient cities of Cyprus, is home to many historical ruins. While enjoying life in Morphou, you can also gain cultural knowledge through visiting these historical sights. When you start searching for a house for sale in Morphou, you will encounter different options.

Advices on Buying a Villa in Morphou

Houses in Mourphou are diversified according to needs. It’s all about what you want from home and how many people you want to reside in the property. In addition to the options of flats for sale in Morphou there are also villa options. For the prices of villas for sale in TRNC, visit this page: Cyprus Villa Prices for Sale

There are real estate projects in Morphou that meet everyone’s expectations and are suitable for every budget. The options of houses for sale in Morphou  can be the comfortable dream home that you dream of. With many house options with large gardens, you can also grow your own vegetables and fruits and live sustainably.

Before you invest in real estate in Northern Cyprus, check this page for some important things you should know: 5 Things You Should Know Before Investing in Real Estate in Cyprus

Prices of Houses for Sale in Morphou

In Morphou, where the real estate sector is gaining more value day by day, investors are frequently searching for houses for sale. Prices of flats for sale in Morphou on average start from £40,000 and go up to £65,000. Buying a house in Morphou, a city with unbelievably affordable prices, will increase your profitability day by day.

Morphou Houses for sale

By examining the prices of houses for sale in Cyprus, you can make a fair comparison between Morphou and the rest of the TRNC.

 You should definitely not rush into the decision of purchasing a house in Morphou. Here are some of the important things you should consider before making your deicison:

  • Choose a house that fully meets your needs and lifestyle. For example, if being close to water gives you peace, you should definitely have a house with a sea view. Or if you enjoy working with your hands, you should definitely buy a house with a garden.
  • Carefully examine the advertisements for the house for sale in Morphou, and check whether the house is big enough for you and the additional facilities the house may offer
  • Inquire about the legal restrictions the house might such as mortgage or enforcement on the deed.
  • Find out the type of title deed. Check out this page for information on title deeds in the TRNC Types of Title Deeds in Cyprus
  • Research the company that constructed the house you want to buy and visit completed projects of the company
  • Research the taxes you have to pay before buying the house to budget accordingly. For more information, visit: Title Deed Transfer Fees in the TRNC
  • Go to an in-person viewing of the property and decide whether the house needs renovation
  • Make sure that the correct address of the property is written on the title deed
  • If purchasing real estate unfamiliar to you, definitely get support from a real estate consultancy firm.

Before buying a house in the TRNC, you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page to benefit from the free real estate consultancy service.

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