Prices of Flats for Sale in Trikomo – Flats for Sale in İskele

Trikomo (aka Iskele), is frequently visited by local and foreign tourists that want to have a holiday by the beach. Along with its tourism potential, Trikomo is also one of the rare places that real estate investors are interested in the TRNC. In this article, we will give you some information on the prices of houses for sale in Trikomo (İskele).

Real Estate Prices in Iskele North Cyprus

Trikomo, one of the most beautiful districts among the cities of Cyprus, was located within the borders of Famagusta until 1998. A law enacted in the 2000s gave Trikomo a district status just like Morphou. Trikomo, which is located in the intersect between Famagusta and Karpaz as well as Ercan Airport and Karpaz highways, consists of a colourful coastline where you can be one with every tone of nature. The district has a population of about 25 thousand residents, but this number can reach hundreds of thousands with temporal visitors. You can check out this article for information about places to visit in Trikomo and more: Trikomo: Where Green meets the Blue

Buying a House in Trikomo (İskele) for Living Purposes

As we mentioned above, Trikomo is frequently enjoyed by holiday visitors who come to enjoy its natural landscapes and magnificent bays. However, it would not be wise to only consider Trikomo for holiday purposes. Trikomo is also frequently preferred by those who want to live a calm life within nature away from the chaos of cities. For example, the Galateia region, which is located within the borders of Trikomo and has the title of a slow city. Galateia is the perfect choice for those who want to live a calm life and eat delicious organic goods. The prices of flats for sale in Trikomo (İskele) are very affordable. So if you also want to live a calm life surrounded by beautiful beaches and friendly people, investing in real estate in Trikomo can give you the chance to live out your dreams.

Investing in Real Estate in Trikomo

Investing in real estate in Trikomo provides many investment gains due to its increasing tourism potential. Due to the fact that the district’s real estate market is not fully developed, the prices of flats, private houses, villas and land for sale in Trikomo start at very reasonable numbers. Making an investment in Trikomo can lead to profits both in the long and short term. Moreover, demand for seasonal villa rentals are also very high in Trikomo. In addition to short-term rentals, you can earn income with annual rentals. As in the whole of Cyprus, real estate buying, selling and renting transactions are carried out in British Pounds. Hence, it is very advantageous to invest in real estate in Trikomo, as the risk of inflation is low and it provides rental income in foreign currency. For more information on investing in North Cyprus visit: Should I Buy Property to Rent Out in Cyprus?

Prices of Houses for Sale in Iskele

Trikomo was recently labelled by Forbes Magazine as the area offering the best beachside property options. Furthermore, the article by Forbes Magazine stated that Trikomo also provides the best opportunities for foreign real estate investors with its affordable prices. The fact that it is safer and has a friendlier culture compared to France, Italy and many other Mediterranean countries is one of the biggest reasons why Trikomo was highlighted by the Forbes Magazine: Forbes Magazine: North Cyprus Among World’s Best Buys for Beachfront Property

What are the prices for Trikomo (İskele) Flats for Sale?

Trikomo offers many flat options for sale at affordable prices. Prices of  flats for sale in Trikomo vary according to its location, distance to the sea, number of rooms and the type of real estate. It is possible to find apartments or private houses for sale within the borders of Trikomo, offering 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 rooms.

Iskele, Long Beach, Cyprus
Iskele, Long Beach, Cyprus

Prices of Trikomo (İskele) Flats for Sale

Prices of flats for sale in Trikomo on average range between £30,000 and £150,000. Houses that are older than 10 years are sold in a price range of £30,000 and £60,000. Newly built luxury apartments on the other hand, are sold between £60,000 to £150,000. To further compare the prices in Trikomo with other cities in Cyprus, visit here: Cyprus House Prices for Sale

Buying Affordable Housing in Trikomo

If you want to earn income by investing in real estate in Northern Cyprus or to buy an apartment for living purposes, we recommend that you get help from those who know the region well. A wrong investment decision can threaten all your savings. You can benefit from our free real estate consultancy service by leaving your information via the contact form at the bottom of the page. Check out our page for Cyprus real estate projects for flats for sale in Trikomo.

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