Forbes Magazine: North Cyprus Among World’s Best Buys on Beachfront Property

An article published on the Forbes Magazine cited Northern Cyprus as the best country to invest in beachfront properties. The article highlights the TRNC’s attractive features such as its safety and affordability compared to other Mediterranean countries such as France and Italy.

Many countries are compared to each other when making the decision to live abroad, vacationing or moving for retirement. The most important considerations people make during their decision to live abroad are the costs of living and real estate prices.

Long Beach, Iskele, North Cyprus

The quality life standards and real estate investment opportunities of Northern Cyprus, have also been recognised by the Forbes Magazine. In the article written by Kathleen Peddicord on the Forbes Magazine, the TRNC was ranked first among the countries with the best beachfront real estate investment opportunities in 2021.

‘Safer and More Affordable then its counterparts in the Mediterranean’

According to the Forbes Magazine article, Northern Cyprus stands out among other Mediterranean countries due to the fact that it provides affordable real estate options and offers good rental income opportunities. Stating that the island is rich with luxury hotels, casinos and clubs, Peddicord states that TRNC is a more affordable, safer and a more hospitable country compared to its Mediterranean counterparts such as France and Italy.

Buying a Flat in Kyrenia for Investment Purposes

In the article, which was written based on the results of a survey conducted by Live and Invest Overseas, it is also stated that North Cyprus is a perfect choice for retirement.

Affordable Real Estate Investment

In the article published by the Forbes Magazine, Kathleen Peddicord states that a sea-view apartment can be purchased for the affordable price of $75.000 in Northern Cyprus and further defines İskele as ‘Cyprus’s most beautiful and longest coastline’. Peddicord says that for retirees looking for a luxurious life in one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, Northern Cyprus should be the first consideration.

Prices of Houses for Sale in Iskele

Peddicord also states that although the TRNC is not the first thought of Americans looking to invest, it offers the best investment opportunities in terms of its affordable costs of living compared to other Mediterranean countries. You can find Kathleen Peddicord’s article on Forbes through this link, which includes North Cyprus as one of the best countries for beachfront real estate investment, as well as Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Belize.

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