Use these Words to Attract Real Estate Buyers

Before listing a house for sale or rent, it is important to follow a strategy that suits your target audience. In this article, we will cover which words you should focus on to attract real estate buyers.

In order to sell or rent your house, you can reach buyers in a short time by paying attention to some simple points on your listings. In particular, certain words you might use in your listing can have a strong impact on potential buyers. We will take a look at 6 words that will increase the number of views of your real estate listings and speed up the sales process.

In this article, we include some key words you need to use in the ad description or title to attract real estate buyers. However, if you wish, you can also take a look at our article on 3 Important Details to Consider When Posting a Real Estate Ad.

Real Estate Listing Advices

Central Location

Anyone who researches a house for rent or sale does a location-based search. If the real estate you own is in a location close to social amenities, make sure that you mention in your ad that it is located in city centre. Are there facilities such as a hospitals, schools, gyms, shopping centres around the house? It is important that you post a location-based ad to attract real estate buyers.

If the house you will advertise is located in close proximity to social amenities, make sure to use the phrase ‘central location‘. To take a look at the advantages you might want to highlight in your advertisement for a centrally located house, you can check the article titled Cyprus House Options for Sale For Life in the City Center.

Ready to Move

If you are selling or renting a house that can be lived in immediately, the ready to move statement will put you one step ahead. If you are selling a house with a tenant still living in it, it would not be appropriate to use this expression. Likewise, it is not suitable to use this expression if you areo selling a house that is ye to be completed.

If your house is one that is suitable to move into immediately, make sure to use this expression. This phrase is as powerful as the ‘turnkey’ phrase used by construction companies for projects where immediate moving is possible.

The expression of “ready to move” is highly effective in attracting real estate buyers especially for those who are looking for a rental house and those who want to move in a short time.

Real Estate Listings

Newly Renovated

A renovated or maintenance-free home will find buyers faster and at a higher price than other homes in the area because renovating a house or having the necessary maintenance incurs a lot of extra costs. If the real estate you own does not require any expenses, use this expression.

Urgent House for Sale

Another method often used to attract real estate buyers is to highlight its urgency. This expression, which is used by those who want to sell or rent their house urgently, attracts buyers who also want to buy or rent a house urgently. When buyers see an urgent sale/rent ad, they think the property price is cheaper.

However, if your house for sale is not being listed at a more affordable price than other houses in the area, it will not be ethical to use this phrase.

Real Estate Ad Recommendations


Another expression that attracts real estate buyers is highlighting the dimensions of the house as large houses are usually preferred.

Emphasising that the house you want to sell or rent is spacious will excite buyers and attract their attention. However, the point you need to pay attention to is to avoid presenting a small house as spacious.

Close to Public Transport

One of the most important features of a house besides being centrally located is its proximity to public transportation. The house you are going to sell or rent may not be in a central location. However, its proximity to transportation networks will make your home stand out. In order to attract real estate buyers, we recommend that you highlight the distance of your home to public transportation networks.

Flats for rent and flats for sale, which are easily accessible, always attract the attention of buyers.

Attracting Real Estate Buyers

Pay Attention to Pictures to Attract Real Estate Buyers

The advertisement photos you will use for your listings is also a major factor for successfully selling your house. You can take a look at our article on Tips for Taking Photos for Ads and Photography Advice to reach buyers who only evaluate ads visually.

In this article, we have included many tips that are important for attracting real estate buyers. If you wish, you can also check out our other articles below.

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