Tips for Taking Pictures for Real Estate Listings

There are many things you should consider when posting a real estate ad if you want to ensure that your property is sold or rented in a short time span. The pictures you choose to put on your real estate ad is one of the most important things you must get right to attract real estate buyers. Do you want to rent or sell your house in Cyprus? In this article, we will give you some tips on taking pictures for listings and highlight their importance for real estate listings. Read this article before posting a house for sale in Cyprus or a house for rent in Cyprus!

Pictures for listings are the first impression possible buyers get in this digital age. Potential buyers who browse through listings for Cyprus houses for sale or rent generally want to get an idea of the general features of house through the pictures posted on the ad. For this reason, there are certain tips you should pay attention to when taking pictures for real estate listings in order to attract real estate buyers or renters quickly.

Property Photos for Listings

1- Include pictures of the house’s exterior

Real estate buyers do not like listings that are limited to only the interior of the house. For this reason,  North Cyprus house for sale listings, which consist photos of both the interior and the exterior of the property are more successful in attracting real estate buyers. Along with pictures of the house’s exterior try to include pictures of the street where the house is located and the entrance in you ad.

2- Try to capture the interior features of the house through the pictures

Real estate buyers want to see all the rooms of the house and the materials used in the interior of the house when searching for properties. For this reason, make sure that the flooring, tiles, kitchen cabinets, windows and doors are included in the pictures you take for your ad. If the interior materials used consist of special designs or rare materials, take individual photos of such details. Remember, the more detailed the listing photos are, the closer you will be to success. If there are appliances in the house, capture images that also highlight their brand.

3- Make sure the house is clean and organised

If the house is furnished and has residents living in it make sure that everything is organised and looks neat. A cluttered living space will seriously affect the quality of the listing. Hence, make sure that personal items are not just laying around. If there are any towels in sight, make sure they are clean and new. Keep the details that do not need to be seen (toilet brush, soap, scrub, razor blade, etc.) hidden during shooting.

If your reflection can be seen through glasses or mirrors during shooting, you can change your angle.

Property photos are are very important for listings.

4- Make sure the house is nicely lit

The most important element of the photo is the way it is lit. Houses that seem dark in pictures deter possible buyers as the house seems unwelcoming. Take the pictures at the time of the day when there’s the most amount of sunlight. If possible, increase the brightness of the pictures using photo editing softwares. Bright houses are always in greater demand.

5- Make sure that you take pictures of every room in the property

A common mistake among Cyprus house for sale listings is that not all rooms are included in the listing photos. Take pictures of all the rooms in your home from different angles.

Tips for Taking Pictures for Real Estate Listings

6- Make sure that the photos are high resolution

Try not to include crooked or blurred photos in the ad. The clarity, brightness and smoothness of your photos will lead you to success.

No matter if you post a house for sale or a house for rent in Cyprus, paying attention to all these details before taking an ad photo will make sure you property attracts buyers quickly. Good pictures can even allow you to raise the price of your property. For more information on what affects property prices in Cyprus, read this article: Which Factors Affect Property Prices in Cyprus?

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